Our water tower was strong and had a lot of stands which contributed to the fact that it could carry a 14-year-old boy.

Our tower went well as we added many stands as seen in the picture to make it sturdy and not collapse easily. We also added an inner support structure in the centre as to "hold up" the entire structure. Most groups constructed a figure which had an outer structure for merely design purposes but we used that to improve our structure and not make it fall. We felt that our structure in the end looked as good as the design and even better than what we had in mind, considering it could take the most weight among all the groups. The structure was well built and had a design that was great. We were proud of our work and we felt that it could be even stronger if we had more sticks as we could hear the sticks cracking slightly the next day. We faced many problems from building this structure. When we glued up the structure, it would not dry fast enough for the structure to stand and our hands were continuously shaking. Our sticks kept breaking or falling apart as we did not build it the correct way. However, we persevered and we were satisfied with the end result.

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